I grew up in a small town in an out-of-the-way corner of South Africa. The hot colours of Africa are strong in my soul, and my fascination with design started on long car journeys passing by traditional Venda houses with their beautiful geometrically painted mud walls and river grass roofs. It was the 1970s and I will always hold dear our burnt orange nylon boucle upholstered lounge suite and olive and chocolate shaggy rug! 

I went on to study Theatre Design & Technology, and found myself drawn into the fashion and film industry, where I worked as a session makeup artist. Through my twenties I travelled extensively for both work and pleasure; and the more I travelled, the more I fell in love with beautiful interiors, great architecture, and all the incredible crafts (from highly specialised to naive) which go into their making.

Once my focus shifted, architecture became an obsession and there was no denying it. 

Following twelve successful years of working with internationally acclaimed interior design practices such as David Collins Studio and Joanna Trading, I started my own design studio.

My experience in luxury residential and commercial design, and my knowledge of craftsmanship and detailing has refined my aesthetic to fit any design brief, both residential and commercial. I have worldwide project experience, and have created interiors from New York to Singapore.

My portfolio includes commercial projects such as the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Doha. I have also collaborated on several award winning residential projects in London and have been recognised by the International Architectural Design Awards as well as the Andrew Martin Review.

I am passionate about travel, 20th Century antiques, and bespoke design.

My approach is uncomplicated. Every project is unique and represents an exclusive collaboration between client and designer; the result of which should be a space in which the client can express themselves. Whether this is a living space or a work space, careful consideration of each element, from architectural detailing to accessorising, is imperative to create a balanced scheme, infused with individuality, and quality and integrity in design. But just as important as the result is the process. The journey should be enjoyable and through my down to earth attitude I aim to provide an easy atmosphere in which to realise exceptional interiors.